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Hey already tired of the Obamainia. Want to participate in the Inauguration without the personality worship? Here is a low/NO cost alternative and anntedote to Obamania . The “First” Annual Twitter. Attend without increasing your carbon footprint or contributing to the -5 degree global warming – All  from the comfort of your own home. Bunny Slippers not included 😉

twitter_ball_2009.pngRSVP for the TwitterBall here.

Confused? Check out the forums below for more information. A great guide to Twitter for newbies can be found here.

Still confused or need help getting started on Twitter? Contact Teri at and she’ll walk you through it.

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Twitter Ball Program

Main Ballroom
9:00 Introduction to #sgpball
9:15 Presentations begin in alternate ballrooms-Host will direct guests
9:20 Discussion by Smart Girl Politics and The New Republicans

#sgp1994 (The Gingrich Room)
9:15 Introduction of Topic: How can groups like SGP and TCOT counter
the Democrats online presence and circumvent the mainstream media?
9:20 Discussion by Michael Leahy
9:35 Discussion by Chip Saltsman

#sgp2010 (Take Back Congress)
9:15 Introduction of Topic B: How do women such as those on SGP get
more involved in the Republican party and help contribute effectively
to a GOP victory in 2010?
9:20 Discussion by Tabitha Hale
9:35 Discussion by Sharon Day

#sgp1980 (The Reagan Room)
9:15 Introduction of Topic C: How can groups like SGP and
Rebuildtheparty reach out to the next generation of conservative
voters? How do we reach translate internet supporters into real world
9:20 Discussion by Mindy Finn
9:35 Discussion by Amanda Carpenter

#sgp2012 (Take Back Presidency)
9:15 Introduction of Topic D:How do groups like SGP and #dontgo
communicate to their candidates that tech like social media is the
future? How can we get more GOP politicians to engage?
9:20 Discussion by Eric Odom
9:35 Discussion by Saul Anuzis

Yes! you must have a Twitter Account to participate.You can sign up here. It’s easy and FREE!

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