Ali-bama and the 40 thieves

So Pelosi wants to “prosecute” and Conyers says “no one is
above the law” . Source


sourced from

And this pack of political jackals are already tearing at
the carcass of American taxpayer,  and
ripping asunder the social fabric of our society.


For Heaven’s sake, PEBO isn’t even in office yet and the
vilest of criminal behavior seems to be sanction by the media, by congress  and by PEBO himself. Make no mistake these
swindlers are on us,  robbing, thieving,
stealing:  everything that’s not nailed
down. Pilfering everything  from
elections to tax payer money and anything in between. By their actions they are
tarnishing the very sanctity of our souls and we all are sitting around like a
bunch of “new inmates in a prison movie about to get punked”.


If Conyers applied the same standard to the office of the
President elect and to his party that he wishes to apply to the opposition,
then half of them would either be  in
jail for corruption, collusion and racketeering or already been found guilty of
treasonable offenses and giving aid & comfort to our enemies.


Of course there are the garden variety criminals in the
landscape of PEBO. As well as the anti-American , left wing radical, communist and
foreign terrorist that make up  some of  PEBO’s close associates.


With friends, political
appointments  and personal associations
such as these:


Rezko, Mahru, Aramanda, Davis,
Ayers, Dohrn, (Jodie)Evans, Baghdadi, Khalidi, Wright, Pfleger, Fraharkan, Soros, Graham-Felsen,
 organizers at Acorn, ACLU;  and cabinet appointees and other political
associates with sordid pasts or presents, like 
Geithner, Holder, (lisa) Jackson, (carol) Brown, Blagojevich,


we have every right
to expect the seed of Chicago
“thug politics” to bear fruit that doesn’t fall far from the tree


If were a nation that still believed “In God we Trust”, our
own sense of shame would not let these

transgressions stand. Instead, we are all besmirched
when vice goes unpunished.

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