…by its very nature indicates ‘a complete or radical transformation’. We as a society have been going through this change; but, (as Gil Scott Heron once sang) ‘have not directed the change.’ – Consequently, the school term is over and our thesis was due – last week.

We’ve unleashed on ourselves a generation (and a half) of Americans who for some “inexplicable’ reason do not know how (or why) our ‘democracy’ works and many may not care. While it is easiest to see this as a failure of our educational system; the ‘final outcome’ (if you will) of our ‘Outcome Based Education’; but in a republic, it is our own personal responsibility as voters to remain educated to the facts and issues at hand.

As sad as this may be, is there a more sinister plot in play here?

Who benefits from an uninformed electorate? Why – it is those: who have welded the power (for the last 40+ years), created policy, reduced standards and encouraged a wallow in the vulgar trough of a ‘permission-able’ society (for the last 40+ years) that benefit. Whether it is the ‘yes Johnny 2+2 might equal three’ or the public assumption that ‘we live in a democracy (instead of a representative republic) a failure of outcomes is equally assured.

Yes, a complete and radical transformation is upon us. The ‘political segment’ that has the most to gain finds it easy and expedient to enfranchise those least able to make an educated political decision. Moreover, it renders ‘those politically least able’ hapless in the grinding machinations of those manipulators who seek to rend our ‘democracy’ from the very principles it is founded upon (for their own purposes and quest for personal power). The ‘politically least able’ is not a cornerstone that can support the foundation of our republic.

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