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In his new book, “Barack Obama:  The Story,” Obama biographer and supporter, David Maraniss,
comes up with 39 lies (or lapses of integrity if you want to be polite) that
Barack Obama tells in his book, “Dreams From My Father.”


Could there be a #40 lurking somewhere behind the scenes
waiting to expose the liar-in-chief executive for what he truly is?


The “Birthers” have been hard at work ever since Barack
Obama was elected trying to prove that he isn’t a natural born American.  I’ve never bought into the whole birther
movement, mainly because I thought it was nothing but a distraction from the
damage the Messiah was wreaking upon our nation and I knew it would never be
proven anyway.  So what was the
point of making all the noise?


Then came the Photoshopped birth certificate.  Now, I’m not a tech savvy computer
user, but, even to me it was obvious that the birth certificate was
forged.  I kept asking myself
why.  Over and over again, I asked
why would they put out such a blatantly doctored form.  Whomever did the editing must have be
smart enough to know that if he was capable of forging the document, someone
would be capable of proving that it was a forgery.  Of course, in short order, came the video that showed
exactly how the forgery was done.


So again, I asked why. 


Now maybe I’ve hit the mother of all cover-ups:  Maybe Barack Hussein Obama was not born
in Hawaii; at least no one by that name was.  Could our president have taken his Kenyan father’s name as a
way of giving himself an exotic history that could be used to his political
advantage?  Don’t forget, his
former literary agency wrote in his book bio that he was born in Kenya.  Again, why?


know that when living in Indonesia, his name was Barry Soetero.  Could his real birth certificate have
the name Barry Dunham, or Barry Davis (there is speculation that his real
father was the American Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis,) or Barry
anything but Obama on it and that’s why it won’t be released?  We also cannot see his school
records.  In his records, could his
name not be Barack Hussein Obama, but Barry Whatever?  Maybe that’s what the cover-up is really about.  President Obama’s made up
history?  Another lie?  I’m just asking.  

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  1. Rick Richbourg

    then there’s this “bit” – the gambit where “Dear Reader’s” Grandmother says she was present at his birth – in Kenya…. http://hrng.us/MTCSNu

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