Pulse, Terror in Orlando

he who will not be named - terror

he who will not be named

Numb, and ‘uncomfortably so’ (Pink Floyd inference intentional)! I suppose that is the very nature of terror.

Just some 55 hour after the worst Radical Islamic Terror attack in our U.S. history, I can still hear the media helicopters flying from my once believed ‘safe and secure refuge’ lakefront Orlando home.

Moreover, that very night, my band was preforming in a neighborhood bar – less than a couple of miles away from the Pulse Night Club. Since it was an early night for us, at that very hour as the terror began to unfold, I was driving home just block or so away from where the demoniac – “he who won’t be named”  –  brutally and mercilessly  terrorized and murdered 49 and wounded 53 innocent and unwary fellow Orlando (read American) victims. Never has the phrase “there; but, for the grace of God go I” been so visceral.

As the facts unfold, we finding a jihad loving, ISIS supporting, radical Islamic terrorist and if the mainstream media is to be believed: self-loathing gay man, – killing friends of friends, slaughtering fellow neighbors and murdering visitors. A horrific act of unimaginable proportions. Deeply saddening so unthinkable that most haven’t even begun to grief yet.

In that extreme low-tide of  terrorist inspired misery, where emotions are rubbed to expose the rawest of hurt, suffering and anguish; the “never let a crisis go to waste” crowd has already begun the threadbare siren’s call for “Gun Control, gun control, more control!”

In the greatest of ironies, none of the gun control options being proposed would have been able to stop the shooter. He was able to obtain his guns legally (perhaps with less scrutiny because he was a security contractor working for a company employed by the current administrations DHS, or even because he was a member of a protected religious  minority). In the words of the Immortal Valley Girl, “Fer Sure, Fer Sure”; the only thing likely by pursuing the progressive proposed policies will result in MORE PEOPLE DYING – not less! And, certainly taking guns away from law abiding citizens insures that only terrorist and criminals will have guns.

It is not as if we or others have been silent about the threat that radical Islamic terrorism presents, or the dangers of creeping sharia presents to western civilization.

We as citizens need to get on our personal dashboards, that for true believers of the Quran, ALL OTHER FAITHS ARE INVALID! Moreover, we must understand the concept of Quranic abrogation and how the ‘later’ (“Sword”) verses supplant the ‘older’ (“Peace”) verses. We must find out and understand what this means for the safety of our lives and the security of our families.

We ignore this at our own peril.

In the mean time, we have a president who prefers to lead the attack against law-abiding, gun owing Americans rather than address the true nature of the problem. Make no mistake, the jihadi’s sword desires to fall on all alike who are not their own.

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