Orlando Terrorist Attack


Suicide of the West [© D.T. Devareaux]

Suicide of the West – Pulse Nightclub

Orlando Terrorist Attack

Through the clamoring of a conniving and complicit Media, we in the U.S. (or us – if you prefer something more granular) have ‘misplaced’ (willing misinformed us about) the nature of what just happened at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida!!! So, a registered Democrat voter (the shooter), who by his own admission supports Radical Islamic Terror, confesses he is committing his acts in the name of Islam and in support of ISIS and other radical Islamic groups – walks into a bar and kills our friends or friends of friends as an act of Jihad – and this is now the fault of the GOP and the NRA?

Suddenly and as if on cue, the President, progressive Politicians, the entire mainstream media and the willing sycophants of blame everyone but Islam, omit the notion that the Pulse Nightclub attacks were Radical Islamic Terror inspired. Ignore that fact at your own peril!

a democrat, Islamic terrorist walks into a bar kills or maims over 100 people and the GOP is to blame?


These aren’t the terrorist you are looking for…

Nearly one week past the largest mass shooting in American history, and worse Terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11 – the “terrorism has no religion industry” and the #neverblameislam crowd is in full overdrive! They are attempting (and quite successfully so far) to pull the greatest “Jedi Mind Trick” in recent history! “There are no terrorist here, ‘these aren’t the terrorists you are looking for’…”

Yet, there are a few brave souls who dare to NOT spread the ‘party’ line screed. Below (for as long as it remains published) is journalist Milo Yiannopoulos saying a few words near #GroundZeroOrlando on Wednesday, June 15, 2016. Please devote a few minutes to listen to what he has to say. For we ignore this message at our own peril.

Again, it matters not if you are a member of the Judaeo-Christian Faith community, the LGBT (and sometimes Q) Community, the strait community, the whatever community, the I don’t give a ‘rats ass’ community; the scythe of Radical Islamic Terror will fall on all infidel heads alike!!!

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