Friday 13 – Nightmare on Capitol Hill!


Well, without so much as a glance at the final de-stimulation
bill, the House democrats have sold us all into slavery. More likely to be
truth is that they have sold our children into slavery. 


With a casualness that should be considered criminal, the
United States House of Representative Democrats are stealing from every hard working America by taking that which was
earned through effort and hard work to be distributed dishonestly to those who
did nothing to earn it. Well almost nothing to earn it, nothing except to vote
these monstrous thieves into office!


The obvious moral hazards are not enough to shame these violators
of the public trust – oh – and violators their constitutional oath into
abandoning their feckless charge. Instead, they move ahead in secret , without
transparency  to debase themselves in an
economic riot  of orgiastic theft.


Sadly house Democrats are stealing the future, they are
stealing the “full faith and credit” from the nation, they are stealing
domestic tranquility, they are stealing posterity and they are stealing our
Blessings of Liberty.


Like thieves in the night they come to devour what was once
one of our nations greatest assets – Freedom!

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