Newspaper bailout, Quid Pro Quo?

So the Reuters’ story proclaims,  Government aid  could save US newspapers. source  . . .Is it just me or
is this some sort of quid pro quo for helping ‘O-bominate‘ the nation?


Newspapers are failing in many cities in the U.S. simply
because they have forgotten that their core mission is to report News rather
than act as a PR firm for the Democrat party, and their socialist special
interest groups. Instead of news, what we get is an agenda driven gangsta
beat-down of traditional values, replaced with a lifting up of all that the
post modern world has to offer: relativistic truth,  supersession of God with self and a sense
that we are no longer responsible for ourselves that is offensive to many who
have long abandoned their subscriptions.



So in addition to the probable reprise of the Fairness
Doctrine, we’ll have ‘guv-ment’ supported, soviet style newspapers, echoing the
‘progressive’ ruminations of BHO, Pelosi and Reid. All the while the pro
‘guv-ment’ propaganda is being distributed to that segment of the populace
eager for “more from others” while
being funded by those “very others” that do the paying – the tax payer.
Regrettably, this confiscatory tax scheme more closely resembles a criminal
enterprise extorting protection money than payments for services the taxpayer
actually receives.


Ironic that the beggar-vote in this country will continue to
have their “entitlement belief system” reinforced through an ongoing conspiracy
to deliver approved “Newspeak” all at the expense of the rest of us. So in the
greatest of thefts, we the taxpayer, are actually being forced to pay to
disseminate the idea that others are entitled to that which we have earned.

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