Killing US softly

my pain with his fingers,

my life with his words,

me softly with his song,

me softly,”


So, Senate Majority Leader
Nancy Pelosi says; “contraception will reduce costs to the states and to the
federal government.”  “Consequences for
the downturn in our economy”. . . “Contraception will reduce costs to the sates
and to the federal government.”


On a similar stimulus note
regarding “The Mexico City Policy, “President Barack Obama on Friday struck
down the Bush administration’s ban on giving federal money to international
groups that perform abortions …” Source 


For a president who told the
American people that he would; “support policies to reduce abortions”, the
reversal of the ban certainly doesn’t live up to that pledge. More over,
it   provides US taxpayer money for abortions
AROUND The Globe.


Last year, in the US, we ended
the life of over a million babies through abortion! At least 40 million dead
since 1973! If this were our countries enemies say at Gitmo,  the libs would be apoplectic. Not speaking to
the issue of genocide on our own citizens here; but, what of this idea to use
part of the “stimulus plan” to stimulate “Abortion on Demand” 


What does this say about the
people in post-modern America.
How could we all not be shamed by this?





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