Ignorance is Bliss


Last week I
heard Mainstream Media (MSM) types, rabidly loyal to their social cause, leg
furrowing, knickers twisting and nearly apoplectic in their ebullience,
joyfully echoing the Office of the President Elect BHO – PEBO statement “Only Government can solve nation’s (economic) problems”


Change is
already  upon us and the “anointed one”
has yet to take office. It’s not so unusual that a socialist lefty would
propose a state solution over a private solution.

The real
story is in how readily accepted socialist solutions have become in the new “Yes We
– err I mean “Yes The Government Can”
(and will with your money) world of PEBO USA.


Even in a
post modern America,
the shift to government managed economy should scare everyone and not just the
48% of the payer vote.


Like a frog
in pot coming slowly to boil, America‘s
embrace of socialism has been a long, slow, concerted effort. The “52 percent-ers” have been inculcated by a “tenured instructor class”
who’s economic ignorance is as dangerous as it is fallacious and continues to
foist the “great fiction that we can all live at the expense of others.



I recently heard Newt Gingrich say
(paraphrasing here) that “Our parents generation scrimped, saved and scarified all
their lives to provide for our generation, and Now our generations is
diligently working and sacrificing our children’s future to provide for our generation”. 


What we
have is “trickle up moral cannibalism
eating away at the very fabric of our beloved republic and few even seemed


Just today,
in the Business Section of our local Pravda (Orlando Sentinel – who’s begging
for it’s own bail out
)  the business columnist


So you can imagine the fear running through politicians and
economic-development gurus whose success is often measured by how many jobs
they help create”


The author goes on to bemoan that current economic environment
that will force the State to curtain spending to incent other businesses to
relocate here. Source


inference of course is that jobs come from politicians and economic-development
gurus instead of business!!!! And the state must bribe other companies to move
hear via loans, cash and tax incentives.


must stand up and say it: “Governments
don’t have ANY money
for loans, cash or other incentives unless they take it , yes CONFISCATE IT from someone else


The saddest
commentary is that we have politicians, “economic-development gurus”, and apostle
of ignorance
  willing to plunder existing business to
incentivize  others to move here – for what: – so
they too can be cannibalized


In a Brave
New World ignorance is indeed bliss
– or at least doesn’t raise your blood pressure. Is it time yet for the “Soma

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