Healthcare, Tyranny and the Death of America.

As shouted from the soapbox, roof top, and even the congressional mall, Obamacare (ACA – Affordable Care Act) has never been about care or even making care affordable. Instead, it has always been about CONTROL!

Now that Obamacare is “settled law”; and assuming that SCOTUS has indeed heard Jonathon Gruber’s (architect of Obamacare) comments regarding the state exchanges, and how the law was written to coerce states into creating exchanges or forgoing the subsidies. It is clear that the Guv’ment has absolute control over nearly everything American citizens do! Not any Pharaoh, Caesar, Chairman, Laird, King or despot has ever exercised as much authority over their citizenry as does the current Federal Regime.

As we rush headlong into the destruction of the last vestiges of Western Civilization, “Gird yourself for a hard task!” As we have now joined all the other countries in the histories of the world,  which continue to rule their citizens with the arbitrary and capricious hand of tyranny.

King V Burwell enslaves the citizens of America and it’s implosion will lead to the death of America – in ways that even the Jihadists can’t imagine.

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