Free healthcare is neither free nor often care


So early
today, I get an email from a friend asking how to respond to a family member’s
email requesting support for free universal health care.

the email

I sent the following short note to my US
Congressman and both US
Senators from [state of confusion].  I urge you to do the same. 
Maybe we can get some action going. 

“Congressman [Leghorn Foghorn],
We need free and universal National health care.  It should be modeled
after the plans that Britain
and France


my reply went something like this:


Wow, it’s
always tough when a member of our own family is off the reservation and
munching in – or mooching off – the neighbors garden.   And absent
the fact that your kinsman probably hasn’t spent much time receiving what
passes for healthcare from our friends ‘across the pond’, I’ll proffer this:


healthcare is neither free nor often care.

  1. It’s not free – somebody must
  2. frequently  it’s not even
    health care, rather it’s a purgatorial place where people WAIT for the
    promise of care and to:
    1. get better naturally
    2. or die


If your
kinsman had a faith based world view he might remember that both the Old and
New Testaments suggest ways to handle the less fortunate and they are in this

  1. Familiar Duty
  2. Church Oversight
  3. Personal Charity


No where, does
it state in either the Old or New Testament that guv’ment or even César is
empowered force compulsory charity on us for our neighbor or on our neighbor
for us!  And, in fact in the New Testament, it plainly states ‘that he who
does not work should not eat’.


Absent a world
view that includes faith, then your options are only 1 or 3 above.  


Unless of
course, you believe that society owns you rather than you own you!


If you believe
that society owns you, then it also owns your neighbor and therefore you both
can be compelled to give up that which is yours for the greater good. On the
other hand if you believe that you own yourself then it is amoral for society
to indenture you for your neighbors benefit.


Ask your
kinsman if he is moral man or an amoral man. For a man with morals he should be
able to follow the tread above and see that it is not the guv’ments 
charge nor it’s original intent to provide FREE universal healthcare for one at
the expense of another.


 If his an amoral man he should be frog marched
into the public square to proclaim his intellectual and ethical infirmity to
which he will no doubt be greeted as ‘fellow traveler’ by the dumb masses also
demanding Universal Healthcare paid for by someone else!

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