Dunces from Clown College

070809b.jpgLike those incapable of scholarship in Clown College, the leftists in these great United States wish to tread down a path of economic redistribution – well hewed and broad.


Regrettably, the “tall grass” of collectivism, socialism and communism has long since been ‘pushed down’ and abandoned by most – long since soured on the failed expectations of living at the expense of others!


Yet, while many have seen the proverbial light and realize that once “everybody is in the cart there is no one left to pull it”  (thanks Mr. Gramm) we have a new crop of ignoramuses’ eager to pull apart the very economic engine of the world – the United States of America. And in its place these same ‘dunce cap wearing fools’ would erect a stagnate, sputtering, failing economic model proven to bring misery to millions.  


“Commerce is indeed the cornerstone of Civilization”! Like it or not, there are certain laws of economics that can’t be ignored just because they are unfair or don’t bend to a scrounger’s vision of social justice. And whether you buy, barter or trade it is that buy, bardering or trading that allows each of us to “do what we do” and exchange the effort for what we do – for the something else. Absent that, we will all be back tilling, hoeing and tending the fields like serfs in some feudal fiefdom run by those who would mete out cruel punishments for capricious non-compliance.


Cap and Trade, Single Payer Socialized Medicine, guv’ment owning businesses like some broken vestige from the Third Reich, unabated illegal immigration (not to be confused with Legal Immigration) the tearing down of the very core values that made this country great – and the list goes on –  all changing and mutating of what was once was into to something less… And whatever manner of fresh hell that will  be visited upon us because of “change you can believe in” you will wish you had done something more for your children, for your community, for  posterity.

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