Desperately Seeking Sarah

Is the obsession with Sarah Palin by her detractors ever going to be over?  Even after she resigned as governor of Alaska, David Lettermen couldn’t let go.  One unfunny Sarah Palin joke after another has turned a once-funny comedian into just another hate-filled Keith Olbermann clone.

Reporters at her press conference called her statement “rambling’ and “incoherent.”  Maybe she should have used a teleprompter.  Maybe our Dear Leader could have loaned her his.

Now, I don’t know Governor Palin’s real reason for resigning, but I’m going to take her explanation at face value.  And I’ll tell you why.

She scares the hell out the loony left and the Colin Powell Republicans, that’s why.  And that’s enough for me.  With Sarah Palin, I believe, we are finally getting a politician who is not afraid to stand up and speak for us.  Not only speak for us, but act in our interests.  Not for the betterment of any particular political party or special interest group, but for the betterment of America.  She has already proved she has the courage to stand up to the corrupt political machine in Alaska and the oil companies that had sweetheart deals in her state.

She fought them and won.  Somehow, I don’t think she would have a problem standing up to the entrenched scoundrels in Washington.  And that freaks them out.  Someone they can’t control is someone  to fear.

She has been under constant attack since she was picked as John McCain’s running mate.  Sick jokes have been told about her children and she has been bombarded with investigations of every aspect of her life.  And not just from the left.  Even her former running mate has thrown her under the bus; a shame coming from a real American hero.

Can anyone name me any politico that has had to undergo such an assault? Talk about “Bush Derangement Syndrome.”  We now have the “Palin Dementia Disorder.”  What is being reported about Governor Palin actually borders on insanity.  I guess the old axiom is true, if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.  And that’s what her enemies are hoping for.

But what would you expect from the status quo?  They talk a good game.  Hope and change.  Everyone likes those words.  They make you feel warm and fuzzy all over.  Kind of like hot cocoa in mid-January in Buffalo.  You hear them every election cycle.  It was “Hope and Change” overload from our Dear Leader in his recent campaign.

But one thing remains the same:  no one ever changes the power structure.  It always expands.  Democrats and Republicans, Big Business and unions, bankers and Wall Street big shots, are all are after the same thing:  power.  And they’ll do whatever they can to gain it and keep it.

That’s why they fear Sarah Palin.  She could take it all away.  And give it back to us; where it belongs.

What a concept.

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