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051409.jpg( Déjà vu daise your view )

The peek in the rear view mirror of life is usually “20/20” or at least much clearer after the fact than a priori!  

And, occasionally we can catch a side glance of a current event that will give a clear glimpse into the future – as does the European Union fine of Intel. Soon, all too soon if fact, someone in “Dear Readers” circle of thugs –  will be using a similar tactic in an extortion attempt on all American business owners.

This is an event that turns the clouding old crystal ball from a murky tea leaf laden snow globe into a high def vision of what the future will be: and it’s all about greed!

Like some untethered Inspector Poirot miming a bumbling Clouseau, the clowns in Brussels have fined the US based computer chip maker Intel Corporation 1.06 Billion (yes, that’s billion with a “B”) euros. That’s approximately 1.45 Billion in (what used to be real money ) US Dollars on the premise that European consumers have been harmed by paying too much for their computers.

Yet, since 2001 actually chip prices have fallen dramatically nearly a 100 fold   and the computing power has increased exponentially. Chips that used to sell for a thousand dollars now cost ten bucks and the net result is that the for all consumers is the price of computers has fallen and even Intel’s rival – AMD has garnered more market share in the EU.

And even in the most cruelest of fates the EU will not return money to the ‘harmed’ consumer, instead they will put the ill gotten gain directly into the coffers of the EU. Furthermore Neelie Kroes EU Competition Commissioner is now quoted as saying that Intel is not “sponsor of the European Taxpayer”

It sure seems we have a global recession on truth and it should be obvious that the EU attack on Intel has never been about the harmed consumer. Instead it has been about getting access to the revenues of the company. To which the leaders at the EU are all too eager to convince everyone of the great lie – “that we can all live at the expense of someone else”

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