One More Nail in Our Coffin

If there is anyone left without any doubt that the Obama administration is hell-bent on destroying the economy of the United States, they are either: a.     Naïve b.     Stupid c.     Lying d.     A Democrat e.     All of the above FOX NEWS AND HUFFINGTON POST REPORTS:  Shell Oil just announced that… Continue reading

Apocalypse Now?

Since the disastrous tsunami and earthquake his Japan, we’ve been subjected to non-stop, 24/7 coverage of the nuclear power plant that is about to rain down nuclear contaminants worldwide.  Our so-called mainstream media has been inundating us with apocalyptic scenarios that contemplate a nuclear meltdown.  Even FOX News’ Shepard Smith,… Continue reading


Yes – completely OUTRAGEOUS! California energy regulators have allowed a temporary 7% – 15% electricity rate increase. This comes amid the Standard and Poors’s downgrades in bond ratings to the only step above junk status. While the dust of the much maligned – deregulation policy still settles, Utilities are hemorrhaging… Continue reading