As-Salam Alaikum, Brothers (Sisters are lesser humans)

President Obama’s speech in Cairo, Egypt
today was an eye opener for many reasons and on many levels.


He opened
his speech with the standard Arabic Muslim greeting, ‘As-salam Alaikum’, with
an eerily uncomfortable familiarity.  When JFK said ‘
Ich bin ein
Berliner’, it was understood that  everyone in the West stood against the
East in the Cold War.  What does is say when our current President says,
‘May Allah’s peace be with you’, and may imply even more!


The true meaning of “As-Salam
Alaikum” is not a mere “Hi”, “Hello”, “How are
you” as we are accustomed to using today – it has a much deeper meaning
than just a standard greeting. In actuality, there are three meanings for this

1. As-Salam, as we know, is one of the names of Allah. Thus, when we say
“As-Salam Alaikum” we are actually saying that may the trait of Allah
(as-Salam or peace and tranquility be upon you and may He protect you;
2. As-Salam is also in the meaning of submission or surrender. Thus, when we
say “As-Salam Alaikum” we are actually saying that we submit to what
you would like for us to do (obviously within the limits of the Shariah);
3. As-Salam is also in the meaning of protection or safety. Thus in this
meaning, when we greet another believer with “As-Salam Alaikum” we
are actually guaranteeing our believing brother or sister protection from any
evil from ourselves and that we will not do a single thing to harm them –
either physically or even spiritually. Not only would we not harm them with our
hands, but we will also not cause them grief with our tongue…



Shake off your outdated Christian American ideology for a moment
and axe yourself, just what was PBO saying to the audience and the world at Cairo University
Did his famous smile and wink, after saying ‘Salam Alaikum’   he
really mean ‘Peace be unto you.’, or did it really belie his emerging policy of
 submission and surrender?


He introduced himself as Barack Hussein Obama,
something he never did during his campaign.  Those that did use his full
name were chastised by the media.  He gave his lineage as a Kenyan father
whose history was Muslim, while during his campaign, his father was just
‘Black’.    Apparently now he is revealing his true self, and of
course, the media will not take him to task for these contradictions.


 He excoriated Israel for their settlements in land
they conquered (in the same ‘accepted’ fashion by which most nations
grew:  war).  He promoted a Palestinian state, at the expense of Israel, as the
solution for the tensions in the Mid-East.  He denigrated our ally and the
only true democracy in the Middle-East.


Have you yet questioned this guys intentions?  They are
becoming clearer by the day.  I quote from his Cairo speech:


 ‘So let there be no doubt, Islam is a
part of America

‘I have known Islam on three continents
before coming to the region where it was first revealed.’

 ‘I consider it part of my
responsibility as President of the United States to fight against
negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear’

‘The U.S. government has gone to court
to protect the right of women and girls to wear the hijab, and to punish those
who would deny it.’

‘When the first Muslim-American was recently
elected to Congress, he took the oath to defend our Constitution using the same
Holy Koran that one of our Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson, kept in his
personal library.’  (Thomas Jefferson acquired this Koran to understand
the mind of his enemy, the Barbary Pirates.  He was not an admirer of
Islam as PBO would have your believe.)


I have a number of Jewish friends.  I have yet to figure
out why they, by-in-large, vote Democrat.  Regardless, I am hearing an
immense dissatisfaction with ‘Democrat’ PBO among them.  They might not be
Republicans, but they are not Socialists and certainly not believers in
Islam.  They are not happy with PBO’s idea of a separate Palestinian
state.  Their points:


Why is the construct of a divided Israel the only
solution?  Why not go back further and look to the history of the area,
such as the Trans-Jordan,  the Balfour Declaration of 1917, and the U.N.
partition plan of 1947.


There never was a country of Palestine.  It was
just a reference to an area of the Ottoman empire
Palestine became Trans-Jordan as a remnant of
the Ottoman empire after WWI.  It
included what is now Israel,
Jordan and some of the Sinai.  Colonial Britain gained authority. 


European Jews, suffering from discrimination
and pogroms, had migrated to the area since the late 1800’s.  Britain could
not control it.  Therefore, the Balfour Declaration stated it was in the
interest of the British Empire to  create a Jewish state in Palestine.  It did
not happen until the  creation of the United Nations after WWII and the
Partition Plan of 1947. 


Britain, wanted out. 
The Zionists wanted in.  And the Syria
and Jordan‘s
Hashemite kings did not want  nomadic Palestinians in their kingdoms.


The British got out.  The Zionists got
in and got attacked by Syria,
Jordan and Egypt, and
won.  Syria and Jordan used the confusion of war to exile their
 Palestinians into the new Israel.


So why is the so-called ‘Palestinian
Question’ a question only for Israel
Both Jordan and Syria
contributed to the original problem.  They need to repatriate their exiles
as part of the solution.


Now that PBO is revealing his true identity, we all should each
examine our own personal politics.


Are we actually ‘ one of the largest Islamic
countries in the world’, or did  we become a great nation based on our
founding by Christian men with Christian beliefs?


Does America need to apologize for its
actions since 9/11?  Should we also apologize for military actions that
benefited Muslims?  Defeating the Ottomans in  WWI, Bosnia, Kosovo, Kuwait, Afghanistan
and Iraq
And, feeding Somali’s or the Indonesian (actually, the largest Muslim country)
victims of the 12/26/2004 tsunami.


How many of your individual freedoms are you
willing to cede to PBO’s government of change in pursuit of your perceived
improved happiness?


 There was a question on the Florida Concealed Weapons
applications:  ‘Have you renounced your American citizenship?’  The
only answers were Yes or No.


 I wanted to say ‘Not Yet!’

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  1. You’re either a retard, a Jew or an intentionally intellectual dishonest.
    If the Q’uran is read in full and in context- not cherry-picking or selectively paraphrasing that which substantiates specious argument for the purpose of perpetuating distrust- there is a passage which states”
    “a mother is worth 3 times that of her husband”
    Indonesia predated by many decades Female Suffrage and State Female Education through the National Hero Kartini- celebrated annually by all children in Indonesia as the mother of education.\
    Then you, as intellectually shallow person, do not differentiate between culture and religion.
    Arab women often observe “purdah” (the practice of preventing men from seeing women). The veil- Hijab is an Islamic tradition that is based on physical and psychological morality, while purdah does not necessarily conform to Islamic teachings.
    Here is a site for Muslim Feminists :
    And a more thoughtful discussion on such issues you sensationalize here like a Show-biz Jew:
    Grow a pair and learn to debate like a man- not a quivering Jew.

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