Where are they now?

For those
of you who are old enough to remember the 60s, you might remember The
Weathermen which mutated into The Weather Underground when they figured out
that law enforcement was on to them. 
So they went “underground” to continue their revolution against


Weathermen was an offshoot of the radical group Students for a Democratic
America (SDS). They formed in 1969 and the main goal of their
“revolution” was “the destruction of U.S. imperialism and the
achievement of a classless world: World communism” and to “achieve
the dictatorship of the proletariat.”  In fact they spelled out their plans in a manifesto dubbed
“You don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”  If you care to read their thoughts, click here.


The hatred
they espouse for America, and their plans to destroy her, will curl your
toes.  Especially because you don’t
have to be a rocket scientist to realize that they are succeeding.


Where is
this hatred for America coming from? From people who share the ideology found
in this manifesto. It was “submitted” by a handful of Weathermen
radicals, most notably Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and Jeff Jones.


These radicals
talk about, and follow the tenets of two very important radicals named Cloward
and Piven, who call for collapsing the system from within. In case you’re not
familiar with these two names, they have a strategy named for them.  It’s appropriately called The
Cloward-Piven Strategy.  It’s a
strategy for forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. 


strategy was first proposed in 1966 by Columbia University political scientists
Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven as a plan to bankrupt the welfare
system and produce radical change. Sometimes known as the “crisis
strategy” or the the “flood-the-rolls, bankrupt-the-cities
strategy,” the Cloward-Piven approach called for swamping the welfare
rolls with new applicants – more than the system could bear. It was hoped that
the resulting economic collapse would lead to political turmoil and ultimately


Does this
sound familiar?  It should because
that’s where we are headed.  These
people wanted to destroy America. 
Have they succeeded?  So who
were or are these Weathermen?  Let’s look at just a few:


• Jeff
Jones grew up in California. His dad worked for Disney and was a pacifist and
conscientious objector to the war. His beliefs were not well thought out and he
was easily swept into the radical movement when he went to college in 1965


• Bernadine
Dohrn grew up in Wisconsin in an upper class suburb and attended college — the
time of her first-known dive into radicalism. She’s known for uttering this
truth-telling statement about the Charles Manson murders: “Dig it… First
they killed those pigs then they ate dinner in the same room with them then
they even shoved a fork into the victim’s stomach. Wild!”  The kind of girl you want to take home
to Mom don’t you think?


Dorhn, now
a respected member of society, says she was “lucky they didn’t kill
anyone.” Apparently she doesn’t consider Ted Gold, Terry Robbins and
Ayers’ girlfriend, Diana Oughton “people” because

they did
die in a premature explosion of some bombs they were making in 1970. Dohrn was
one of pin-up girls on an FBI 10 most-wanted fugitives list from 1970 to 1973.


• Bill
Ayers grew up in the upper-middle class suburbs of Illinois. His dad was CEO of
a giant utility company, Commonwealth Edison. He attended an exclusive prep
school but says he “hated every minute there” and liked the
“free thought” he found at the University of Michigan. Ayers was keen
on turning towards militancy. He now says about the bombings that he doesn’t
“have anything to apologize for. I wish we had done more”


In 1969
they did quite a bit.  They bombed
The Haymarket police statue and several Chicago police cars parked in a
precinct parking lot. Then they decided to go underground. In 1970, they were
suspected of a bombing at the San Francisco Police Department. It was about that
time that the three Weather Underground members were killed when the bomb they
were preparing for Fort Dix went off. 


Ayers ran
from the law and went deep underground. It was during that time he married
Bernadine Dohrn.  But the bombings
continued; the National Guard Association building in D.C.; an NYPD
headquarters; and let’s not forget the 1981 armored truck robbery which they
stole $1.6 million and eventually led to a shootout with police, leaving two
police officers and one Brinks guard dead and wounding several others.


Their most
notorious bombings were:


• March 1,
1971: The United States Capitol in “protest of the U.S. invasion of


• May 19,
1972 (Ho Chi Minh’s birthday): The Pentagon in “retaliation for the U.S.
bombing raid in Hanoi.”


• January
29, 1975: The bombing of the United States Department of State Building in
“response to escalation in Vietnam.”



So where
are they now?



• Jeff
Jones has his own consulting firm that helps “progressive groups achieve
their goals.” He’s on the board of Movement for a Democratic Society,
working closely with SDS (which is growing the new Weathermen and Weather
Underground — now available possibly in your child’s high school now) and he’s
a member of the Apollo Alliance. They, with funding from Tides, helped write
the stimulus package. Unconstitutional, sure, but Jeff Jones helps decide where
your tax money through the so-called stimulus is going


• In 1997,
Bill Ayers won citizen of the year award for his work on the Chicago Annenberg
Challenge project. He’s a professor at the University of Chicago. He served on
the board with President Obama at the Woods Foundation. They were neighbors and
Obama attended a campaign event at his house. He’s now a respected and
influential member of society. 
In 2001, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) turned over its records
to the University of Illinois Chicago’s (UIC) Richard J. Daley library.
The records are of value because they document the close working
relationship Obama had with domestic terrorist leader and “bomb
designer” William Ayres. They also demonstrate that Obama failed at the
one executive position he ever held, chairman of the board of the CAC.
And they reveal how the charitable funds donated to improve the public
education of Chicago schoolchildren were used to fund extreme radicals
like Ayers and Maoist Mike Klonsky.


• Bernadine
Dohrn, married to Bill Ayers, is now associate professor of law at Northwestern
University School of Law and was director of Northwestern’s Children and Family
Justice Center.  Dohrn (and Ayers)
played a key role in organizing Free Gaza Movement, which launched the flotilla
whose crew attacked Israeli soldiers who boarded, stabbing them violently and
even throwing one over the deck.


• Linda Sue Evans, a Weather Underground member. She was
sentenced to 40 years in the 1981 cop-killing that mentioned earlier. In 1990
she was convicted of other violent acts. Her sentence was commuted in 2001 by
Bill Clinton. You remember our first “black” president pardoned 150
felons just days before he left office. 
Today she’s out there campaigning for inmates’ rights as an organizer
for “All of Us or None,” a group that “combats the many forms of
discrimination that [felons, prisoners and former prisoners], as the result of
felony convictions.” She’s pushing for felon voting rights.  Gee, I wonder which way they would


In 2008,
Evans spoke at a nice event — the Soros Justice Fellowships meeting, on a
panel for prison reform alongside the executive director of the Ella Baker
Center, which is admitted communist Van Jones’ organization. In fact, Evans
received the Soros Justice Fellowship in 2001, awarded to “outstanding
individuals” who will implement innovative projects to reform the United
States’ criminal justice system. 
Soros, hmm Soros.  Where
have I heard that name?  Oh, I
know; George Soros is the international billionaire who made his money
manipulating currencies.


Soros has
been actively working to destroy America from the inside out for some years
now.  People have been warning
us.  Two years ago Bill O’Reilly
said on The O’Reilly Factor that Soros is an extremist who wants open borders,
a one-world foreign policy, legalized drugs, euthanasia, and much, much more.
This is a dangerous man.  In 1997 Rachel Ehrenfeld wrote, Soros uses his
philanthropy to change or more accurately deconstruct the moral values and
attitudes of the Western world, and particularly of the American people.


And where
are they now?


Sitting in
The White House, right next to the President of The United States.


where they want to be.

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