When did selfishness become a virtue?

Hmmm, let me see: when did selfishness become a virtue? (Obama context)


I suppose that depends on what your definition of selfishness “is”!   


  • If you ‘buy’ the now popular notion that keeping more of your own money and paying less in taxes is a good idea, you are – selfish!
  • You are labeled selfish, if you if you are unwilling to ‘sacrifice’ you own interests for the greater good. The greater good – of course, as it is always being defined by whims of others.
  • Post modern culture declares anything you do for yourself is bad, while anything you do for others is good.


As a gentler reminder, the real definition of selfishness is simply “concern with one’s own interest”! You will notice: a definition without judgment or any moral value attributed to those actions.


But, make no mistake, if you are unconcerned with your own interests, then no one else will be concerned with them either.


In a State where your own interests are continually cannibalized by the arbitrary and capricious nature of others-  your very existence is stolen. Your real – raison d’être (reason to be) has been perverted from your own purposes into serving the purpose of the State. In essence you become a slave to those who demand you be less selfish.


And what of those that demand from you that which is yours? That which you create – that which began as your idea or fabricated from your own hand? How is it – that “others” are allowed to place a ‘levy on your existence’ without your permission or without being seen as amoral.


Indeed the real question remains when did selfishness become a virtue? -Just when did “living at the expense of others” become a virtue and not a crime.

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