Watermelon Mao

It seems like the Chi-Coms have a serious problem with their watermelon population.  Lately, our little Red friends have experienced a plethora of inexplicable watermelon explosions.  Once thought to be the exclusive domain of comedian Gallagher and his Sledge-O-Matic, exploding fruits have now taken center stage in the hallowed halls of the world’s largest, and (thanks to an embracing of a capitalist economy) richest Marxist utopia.

It seems the culprit is the rampant misuse of pesticides, fertilizers and food additives, all designed to “enhance” the attractiveness of the produce and boost sales.  Hmm, it seems like our biggest creditor and newest big-toe has added yet another to its list of exports that undercut American products through cheap labor and manipulated currency, and flood our Wal-Marts with cheap (and unsafe) consumer goods.

Is it any wonder that a nation that was ruled for three decades by the tyrannical despot, Mao Tse Tung, has an abhorrent record of abuses when it comes to product safety?  After all, he murdered somewhere between 70 and 100 million Chinese without batting an slanted eyelash, so is it such a stretch to think that his successors would necessarily care if they poisoned half the population of earth?

China’s record of safety in the marketplace is abysmal.  From the lead-painted toys, melamine-laced dog food, powdered milk and candy to the lead-laden baby bibs and tainted drywall installed in many construction projects, America has been inundated with hazardous materials because of our thirst for inexpensive goods from the Chinese workers paradise.

Who’s to blame?  The Chinese manufacturer or farmer; the exporters/importers; the bureaucrats who oversee the transactions? 

Or how about you?  How many times do you look for the “Made in USA” label?  How many times have you been willing to spend an extra dollar to buy American?  How many of you buy “Made in China” without a thought of where your money goes; to whom it goes; and what it’s spent on?

Maybe it’s time you took your responsibility seriously.  If you don’t, who will?

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  1. Rick Richbourg

    and thanks for the reminder that communism kills!
    Often those that refused to convert/accept/comply are dispatched forthwith and those that do comply are left languishing in a third-world-like toilet of managed economies, central planning purgatory all with dramatic lower life expectancies, reduced standards of living and truncated personal freedoms!
    In it’s embrace of collectivism it is as if the whole world has forgotten (or brushed under the rug) the whole Stalin, Hitler (yes he was a socialist too), Mao murders!

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