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Since coming to America way back in 1954,I have seen what
WAS,and what IS.

We have allowed the PROGRESSIVES to slowly achieve their
ultimate goal: to make America become Europe.

How insane,that millions fought to come here and so many
with almost nothing once here, packed a few things and went West.  America grew and we showed the World
who we were and what FREEDOM was all about.  The word got out and ever since, people have done everything
possible to come here.

But NOW.after more than fifty years, what do I see?

Our schools are expensive and inefficient, with corruption
from as far down as costing over $7,000 per child(N.Y) (just for the bus
service.)  Teachers cannot be
fired.  Yes, even the radical ones
are placed in rubber rooms teaching nothing, but with pay and benefits.

Our universities demand out of sight tuition fees, and are
run by far left deans and professors that demand their students accept the
left’s propaganda or get an unfair grade, if not even a failure.

Our news is also created to brainwash the average viewer to
the accepted liberal agenda and with on-going politically correct

Our religion has been mocked and atheists are accepted with
open arms.  The once traditional marriage between a man and a woman is
considered old fashioned and gay now is the new normal.

In the pretense of being “FAIR” we have hurt
millions by not getting a position that they deserve because it needs to be
given to one with less skill.
Making up for some injustice done, before we were born.

The subject, I would like to concentrate on is LEGAL
IMMIGRATION.  I chose it as I am an
example of the intent of legal immigration.  We have heard for at least the past six years that there are
about 11million illegal immigrants living in the US.  How about that number being over 20 million?  I’ll bet it is at least that, but the
real number might scare us.

My family came here when I was ten years old (after waiting
seven years to receive our proper paperwork.) I was also checked out (even at
that young age) to make sure I was not a criminal.  I also had to be vaccinated to make sure that I would not be
bringing some disease into my new country that America had eradicated.

I had to have a responsible sponsor so that I would not come
here to use America’s entitlements, but to be a productive citizen.

The law required that if I wanted to become a naturalized
American citizen, I had to learn a great deal. Sadly,a lot more than our college
kids are learning today about America and how our government works.

I had to read and speak English.  I was tested one-on-one by an individual who decided if I was ready for that honor.  It took my mother THREE times to become
a citizen;  a woman who NEVER
accepted a dime in welfare, or from any other government programs including
unemployment.  We were the proud

My mother worked at a McGregor factory making clothes at
piece work.  I helped my brother as
well to become a citizen.

Now what did I do for America for doing that for me?

I worked for 35 years and payed taxes.  I never once took advantage of any entitlement program as I was fortunate enough to chase the
American dream.  I
climbed the corporate ladder, bought into my own company, created jobs, and retired young.

I raised a son who fought in Operation Desert Storm as a
United States Marine, and now he is running the Company I had.  I raised a daughter,  Amilya Antonetti,who has appeared on
Fox TV; showing up on Cavuto, Hannity, O’Reillly, Fox and Friends and Glenn
Beck, promoting small business.
She also has run a number of companies creating jobs.

Amazing all of this coming out of a 10 year old kid who has
no idea who his father was/is and yet, creating children that continue the
positive effect of legal immigration.

What is happening today is that we have no clue who these
people are that are coming across all our borders.  Some say Mexicans.
Yeah, so how about those that we do not know? TERRORISTS??

What are they bringing into our country, like diseases?  When was the last time we heard about
TB in America? 

According to many reports, in Los Angeles alone, it is
estimated that 40% of workers, work under the table.  They pay no taxes, as they are illegal.  Crimes are performed by illegals in big
numbers.  Our jails, our hospitals,
our schools, are filled with illegals draining the resources of
our nation.

Entitlements that the older immigrants would never accept
are being promoted on TV for the new generation to accept with pride.

The ULTIMATE goal for the Progressives is to allow these 20
million or more to become legal.
And who will they be loyal to?
The Democrats; for allowing the lowering our immigration standards.  Once that happens, America will have a
single party ruling class and our country will not far behind Greece.

This is why I see America so much different then when I
first saw Lady Liberty in the New York Harbor back on Dec 9th,1954.

A very proud naturalized American citizen,


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  1. Rick Richbourg

    this is a problem as old as the ancient of days: the Dark Heart of fallen man – who would assume the birth right (or in many cases the hard work) of another for the own gain.

  2. Rick Richbourg

    and… this – The Transformation of These United States is something that BHO has promised since his first inauguration.
    Be not surprised, only saddened.

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