Soros’s Formula for Killing America

We ordinary Americans (ordinary being defined as those that are NOT part of the Political Class, Academia or the News Media or the Mainstream Pop Culture), ARE UNDER ATTACK. Under attack by outside forces who wish to alter the basic precepts that our Country is predicated on: For all of the Countries in the history of the world, we are the only country that has said our unalienable rights come form A Creator NOT GOVERNMENT (or a king, Kaiser, Pharaoh, Monarch, Emperor, Potentate or Despot)!

Those wishing to undermine these our United States of America, wish to do so for the usual reasons: person gain, lust for power, their own vainglory, envy of our individual freedoms,  or wrath that others can control their own destiny. Sadly, many of our family neighbors and friends are unaware.

Acolyte among the apostles of Ignorance is George Soros. who’s recent meddling in the United States 2016 election cycle is just becoming known.

While, this is a very incomplete list of the acts of political aggression perpetrated on us, our families and neighbors by the Soros foundation and myrmidons:

  • Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio lost the race for a seventh term to retired police Sgt. Paul Penzone
  • Congressional Candidate Thuy Lowe lost to former police chief Val Demmings
  • Congressman John Mica lost to Stephanie Murphy
  • Congressman David Jolly lost to Charlie Crist

(nazi collaborator and convicted inside trader) George Soros is one of the 30 richest people in the world. He has spent billions – yes with a “b” – using nefarious organizations such as the open society foundations,, america coming together, Priorities USA Action – using American Laws, Institutions and practices against us.

(15 Minute Video on Soro’s Formula for Killing America)

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