Set Apart

From its inception until 2009, these United States of America has been set apart from many of the nations of the world. Set apart – simply because it was acknowledged that the basic fundamental rights of: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness were endowed by a Creator not by government.

Failing to pass on that little ‘tidbit’ (Liberty comes from a God) of info may now be the catalyst for the unraveling of our nation. For even if you don’t believe in God, there are certain advantages in the belief that government don’t give rights to its citizens, instead government gets its power from the consent of the governed. But, in the absence of that knowledge, people do what they have always done – anoint someone to rule rather than the hard task of governing themselves.

We are no longer set apart. Either by design, sloth or utter folly: we replace the idea of representative government with mob rule,  exchanged merit for diversity, traded free enterprise for crony managed enterprise, abandon the very ideas of family that have glued societies together for thousands of years, forgotten that faith in God gives meaning and purpose to life.

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