Sedition & the Anti American Manifesto

Sweet “Mother of Pearl” –
so now I remember why I don’t watch MSNBC much anymore. Am wondering if this was one of the “journalist” saying that the Tea Party Movement was filled with hate and were inciting violence..


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  1. I believe I called this many moons ago. In spite of all the so-called “hate speech” from the right, the real haters are on the left and we’ve only seen the tip of iceberg when it comes to their propensity for violence.
    Now that the left has lost the House; the Senate in play; and with Obama’s approval numbers drastically down, you’ll see more calls from the left to rise up in a violent overthrow of the complete system.
    Be prepared, I expect blood in the streets.
    We’re right where the Saul Alinksy-ites have led us.

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