Posse Comitatus

Now that our Dear Leader has won his pre-ordained victory in an Arizona courtroom,
you have to wonder why the celebration.  What have “we” won?  The
lawsuit that was brought against Arizona on behalf of the American
people really had no support from we the people.  It never did.  The majority of Americans
support Arizona because its governor had the courage to want to actually
enforce the law.  Something that cannot be said for this
administration’s justice department.

So what’s next?  I’m sure
this judgement will be supported by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. 
There isn’t a more radical court in this country.  So we won’t get any
help there.  The only chance we have of defeating the radicals in the
White House is SCOTUS.  But even that’s not a guarantee.  Even if
the nine judges rule against the justice department, there’s nothing to stop this
president from ignoring their ruling.  Think not?  He’s ignored two
courts’ orders to rescind his edict that forced a moratorium on oil
drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.  That’s right pilgrim, he just ignored
it.  I guess he’s just above the law.  Kind of like God.  Hmmm, didn’t
someone say that about him once?  Oh yeah, Newsweek editor Evan Thomas
on MSNBC’s Chris “The Tingler” Matthews show.

So where does that leave us? The feds won’t stop illegal immigration and they won’t let Arizona’s government do it either. Only one thing left to do: take matters into our own hands. In the wild, wild west, when a sheriff needed help to catch the bad guys, he would deputize able-bodied citizens and they would form a posse. Right now, I think there would be thousands of able-bodied Arizonans who would happily volunteer to help out their community and stop the insanity that’s happening there.  Several thousand volunteers stationed at the border could easily keep track of the invaders.

I think Arizona’s lone ranger, Sheriff Joe Arpaio should be the one to lead that posse.  Who knows, maybe it will catch on in all the border states. 

Hi yo Silver, away.

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