Hold on to your hats kids, the Messiah has arrived.  Yup, he’s come down from Heaven to save us from ourselves.  To re-make us in his own image.  Whether we like it or not.

Barack H. Obama (see the similarity between his name and Jesus H. Christ; pretty suspicious, don’t you think?) has drawn crowds that would make The Rolling Stones envious.  He has women fainting and men starry-eyed about the prospect of his coronation.  They are white, they are black.  They are Hispanic (both legal and otherwise).  They come from all walks of life.  They’re the poor, the tired, the hungry masses yearning for government grants, free health insurance and a big-screen TV in every room.  And they all want to be saved.  Hallelujah, praise the Lord and pass out more government programs.

They are vocal and committed and dangerous.  

They are dangerous because they have the same glazed-over look in their eyes that Hitler’s and Mussolini’s  followers had.  Lenin had the same charisma.  And so does Obama.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to gas any Jews or open any Gulags.  But his ability to connect with people and make them trust him enables him to speak in platitudes and never tell us his real intentions.  Look folks, he’s a socialist plain and simple.  Pay attention to his record and what he has said (when he actually says something).  He wants BIG government.  The BIGGER, the better.  We can’t afford it, but that won’t stop him.  Can you spell B A N K R U P T?

Need more proof of his Messianic abilities:  Oscar award winner Haile Berry has said, “I will pick up cups from the sidewalk on my hands and knees to clear a path for him.”  I think Mary Magdalene did that a couple of times as Jesus traversed those dusty trails.  I wonder if Obama will let her wipe his face with a towel?  Maybe he will leave his image on it for us to fawn over.

Unless Obama makes any outrageous gaffs, (you know, like filling up your tires will replace all the oil we get from Saudi Arabia) the Democratic nomination is in the bag.  Don’t ever count the Clintons out; but alas, poor Hillary is not pretty, or sexy, or eloquent.  All of which Obama is.   And unlike Obama, she’s not easy to like.  Besides, she has her husband hanging around her neck like a two-ton boat anchor.  

So get prepared.  This November you may wake up to a black (can I say that?), Christian (I think), former Muslim student who is married to a woman who in her whole life (42 years) has only been proud to be an American once.  That was the day when she realized her husband had a good shot at  becoming the next President of the United States.  

Not when the United States kicked Iraq out of Kuwait, or the Taliban out of Afghanistan.  Not when we freed 25 million Iraqis from the tyrannical rule of a murderous despot.  Not when we brought down the Berlin wall and freed tens of millions of eastern Europeans.  Not when we saved the world from Hitler, Tojo and Mussolini.  Not when we sent $300 million in relief to Indonesia to help those people who suffered through the Tsunami, not when we protected Europe for 50 years from the threat of The Soviet Union’s nuclear-tipped missiles.  Not when, not when, not when…..  Only when America finally put aside its racist legacy and finally make it “Our time.”

The list of accomplishments of the this country in the defense of freedom both here and abroad in the past six decades should put a warm glow of pride in every American’s heart every day of their life.

If it doesn’t, vote for Obama.  You deserve him.

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