Method to His Madness?

Like many Americans, (most, if you believe the polls
that  65% of Americans are
anti-Obamacare) I was disappointed and dejected when I heard the SCOTUS ruling
that judged the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, forced down our
throats in 2010,  is
constitutional.   Chief
Justice John Roberts decision to join the four liberal judges was felt by every
conservative to be a stab in our back. 
After all, he is supposed to be a conservative who was nominated by a
conservative president, George W. Bush. 
So what happened?  Or, was there a method to his madness?


As I’ve had time to digest the enormity of the decision,
maybe Chief Justice Roberts actually did the country and Mitt Romney a
huge favor; and not by accident. 
The Chief Justice does not live in a bubble, insulated from the political
theater surrounding his daily life. 
He reads the newspapers and certainly watches news reports.  And he knows this is the most important
election since the election of 1860 when Abraham Lincoln was elected and our
nation ended up suffering through the most bloody war in our history.


Could it be possible the Chief Justice felt he could help
the cause of liberty by letting President Obama enjoy what will surely be a
pyrrhic victory.  If Obamacare was
deemed to be unconstitutional, it would have given the president a perfect
platform to campaign on and certainly would have revved up his base and
motivated them to turn out.  Which
is something the Democrats need desperately if Obama is to retain his throne.  There would be loud accusations of an activist court dominated by four old white men and one Uncle Tom who want to legislate from the bench against the will of the people.  I guess that argument is now moot.

Judging from the reaction on our side, the only base that is energized is
the conservative, which probably will turn out in record numbers to vote and,
worse for the president, will also vote with their checkbooks.  It was reported that 24 hours after the
decision, Mitt Romney’s donations surged to the tune of $4.6 million .  There were 45,000 NEW contributors.  Not good news if you’re President


The Chief Justice also threw Mitt Romney a perfect pass in
the endzone.  By saying that the
mandate is a tax, Justice Roberts did two things:  First, he showed the president to be a liar.  Remember President Obama said on
multiple occasions that the mandate was not a tax.  Oops.  Is he now
going to argue with the Supreme Court that just gave him his victory?  Second, by calling the mandate a tax,
he practically iced the election for Romney.  All Governor Romney has to do is make the case that this is
the largest tax increase in the history of, not only the United States but the
world, and it’s not just going to affect the rich.  It will hit the middle class AND the poor.  And it will hit them hard.  Most folks don’t understand the
Commerce Clause in the Constitution, but they sure as hell understand higher


over Governor Romney.  All you have
to do is catch the football!

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  1. Rick Richbourg

    More lemonade:
    Ruled the mandate UNCONSTITUTIONAL! (meaning the guv’ment won’t be able to force us to buy stuff – of their choosing)
    Upheld “State’s Rights” vis-a-vis forced Medicade by affirming “The States are separate and independent sovereigns.”
    Much to chew on here, and while I’m thinking Justice Roberts really stretched (okay I’m being overly polite) to convert the mandate to a tax – there is more than just a silver lining in the long term implications of the ruling – Especially constraining Congress to a more originalist notion of the “Necessary and Proper Clause”!!!

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