Grassroots or Astroturf?

Yesterday, Tax Day – in the USA, the day to “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s”!  Yesterday, also a day to protest a Caesarian tax code as oppressive and tyrannical is old Gaius himself.

In hundreds of cities nationwide,  tens of thousands of American’s, many who shoulder the actual financial burden that pay the promises the political class makes, raised their voices to protest ‘out of control spending’ increasing tax burdens and a recalcitrant congress. 

Make no mistake; the Tax Day Tea Party is neither about party affiliation nor any one political persuasion. Instead it’s about affecting a positive and meaningful change from uncompromising legislators who purport to get their “power from the consent of the governed”, yet remain deaf to the will of the governed.

I supposed the Tea Parties must be successful than I imaged; because, many including Madame Pelosi are doing what they can to discredit or minimize their impact. Even making the claim that these events are not grassroots in nature instead they are Astroturf.

The Orlando Tax Day Tea Party was funded, not by some ‘vast rightwing conspiracy’ rather it was funded by the sweat equity of the committee volunteers, the donated time of the guest speakers, the donated time and man power of the sound company and many others who share the same idea – that the blessings of liberty don’t come to us from government; but, from our Creator.

View the video from Randy Thomas’ Everyday Thoughts Collected and decide for yourself if the attendees we part of the machine or people like you, your family and your neighbors.

(at the end of this clip is a few bits with one of the Featured speakers: Ron Peri)

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