Gather round, you ‘Monday Morning’ Electioneers

…Objects filtered through the ‘rose-colored’ prism of some glasses are not as clear as they appear.

Some 35+ days post the Year 2000 elections and a good deal is still being whispered about that darned ‘Democrat Dreaded’ Butterfly Ballot. As if someone has pulled the stake from this Dracula’s heart to let it confuse again, much has been omitted and even fallaciously implied.

Most now know that a Democrat Supervisor of Elections designed the “ballot” for use by mostly Democrat voters in a Democrat controlled County. One can’t image that the Supervisor of Elections would PERPETRATE ON PURPOSE a ballot so complex that citizens of ordinary sense would fail to render a legal vote.

While Palm Beach County has many Democrat sympathies, (and perhaps some voters there may have miscast their ballots), this same county also hosts a bastion of support for Patrick Buchanan. So much support in fact that in the 1996 Presidential Primary he garnered over 9000 votes in that same county. It should also be noted that his cousin (and a campaign chairman) also lives in this county. It should not be so hard to imagine that most of the 3400 ballots cast for Candidate Buchanan were actually intended for him.

While some still seek to demagogue this issue, the Florida Supreme Court has ruled that the ‘Democrat Dreaded’ Butterfly Ballot was in fact a LEGAL ballot. Moreover, Candidate Buchanan earned most of the ballots cast for him and now citizens must now draw back the hammer yet again drive the stake into the heart of this Butterfly Ballot issue.

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