Fight By Proxy

Just like a schoolyard brawl put up by the top bully,- only
with more dire consequences -North Korean has started to kick sand in the face
of it’s global neighbors .  And, as fate
would have it we friends with those neighbors, which means if necessary we come
to their aid.

North Korean is a client state of China and does nothing
without their knowledge and arguably without their permission.  So what we have is a “battle by proxy”
between the United States and China .

Not only are we at war with global radicalized Islamic
terrorism, we are now in a proxy war on a second front in Asia. A proxy war
with a tepid creditor, afraid that we (as a nation) will default on our
financial obligations to them or at least afraid that we will treat them like
we have treated the bond holders of the once venerable General Motors.  

There will be a point where trying to force payment from a
weakened former capitalist country   may
become more certain than awaiting payment from 
same with a 80% GDP going just to cover the debt.

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