E Pluribus Unum

Brumidi, Constantino - Apotheosis of Washingto...

Brumidi, Constantino – Apotheosis of Washington, detail E Pluribus Unum – 1865 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saddens me deeply to realize that we now live in a
country where half of our neighbors think it’s a perfectly legitimate
function of government to make the other half of our neighbors pay for
their stuff…

Truly – amongst all our bounty we and our children have forgotten [published Jun 2009] (or never been taught  [published Feb 2001]) what it means to be an American! 

an American is neither about race nor ethnic group,  religion or tribe!
Instead, being an American is an idea: an idea that individuals have
the freedom and liberty to govern themselves. E
 Pluribus Unum! Gone now is the American ‘melting pot’ and in its place is a fractured society and hyphenated groups.

have allowed lesser ideas to be taught and substituted instead – which years
ago would have been considered treasonous. Regrettably, we now we embrace those ideas as “multiculturalism!” 

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