Remembering Hillary, Bill and the Clinton Legacy

Crooked Hillary

crooked-hillarySometimes we all just become inured to ALL of the offenses, or overcome by so many transgressions that you just can’t remember them all …

Lest we forget:

Travel-gate, Vince Foster’s death, Hillary Care, Whitewater Investigation, Cattle-gate, File-gate, China-gate, IRS Abuses, Pardon Gate, FALN Terrorist, Senate Candidate Clinton Campaign Finance Investigations, Senate Rules Violations, State Department Scandals and Cover-ups, Benghazi Terrorist Attack Cover-ups, Email Scandal, Server-gate OR the Clinton Secrets, The Clinton Foundation Conflicts of Interest and other lapse in judgement or outright dereliction of duties – below is a brief video as a reminder.

Sadly, many new voters, including some in my own family were not born when these infringements to our republic took place. I pray that we do NOT  perish for lack of knowledge.


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