CIFTA – abrogation of our Second Amendment

Hypocrisy.jpgNot an administration to let any crisis go unexploited “Dear Reader” and rabid antigun militants in his “thugocracy” are now using the cover of a Swine Flu, border wars, and drug trafficking to  urging the passing of the CIFTA treaty –  Inter-American Convention Against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives, and Other Related Materials.  Source

CIFTA, which has been rightfully languishing in the senate for a dozen years is now being fast tracked for passage  under the benign guise of curtailing border violence and controlling illicit manufacture of weapons.

Instead, CIFTA in a treasonous act all of it’s own, that will give to Foreign Troops the Identity of American Gun Owners through US Gun registry, and allow for their prosecution Yes, prosecution of law abiding, gun owning American Citizens by world governments for “crimes” that may be committed under this treaty.

Like the scene in the movie Charlie Wilson’s war, where the character Gust, explains to the congressman “how using the titillating details of personal scandal” on one hand can help obfuscate an entire military operation performed behind the other hand, I had been wondering what was being kept from us, by all the undue media attention over the Swine Flu.

No matter what else may be in the magician’s hat, we now know gun control is among the many rabbits. And, not just gun control by revocation of our Second Amendment rights or onerous restrictions on ammunition. Instead it is a complete abrogation of our second amendment rights by foreign treaty!  And, treaties entered into by our government with foreign entities  do in fact supersede any rights guaranteed by our Constitution or Bill of Rights.

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