Car-pocalypse and your Big Labor future

Car-pocalypse and your Big Labor future with Card Check as an added bonus.


In our country Labor Unions are a Monopoly that should be referred by the epithet “Big Labor”. They artificially inflate wages above market value and this cost is passed on to consumers.


Like  a Middle Eastern Oil Cartel, Labor unions can arbitrarily and artificially restrict supply. When Big Labor desires to severely restrict supply, they call it a strike!


Big Labor enjoy a unique set of privileges including: immunity from taxation, immunity from antitrust laws, the ability to restrict other from working at a lower wage, often engaging in coercion, intimidation and outright violence against strikebreakers. Since the Police are themselves unionized, enforcement of existing laws or protection against illicit Big Labor activities can not be guaranteed. Moreover, interpretations of the Nation Labor Relations Board suppress management from communicating wage offers directly to labor union members – NOT being able to communicate offers directly to member is known as “good faith” negotiations!  As if that’s not enough, Big Labor has positioned itself to shake down employees with COMPULSORY DUES – for both union and nonunion members alike as an actual requirement for employment. It should be noted that often these dues, extorted from members are used for overt political purposes like; political campaigns, voter registration instead of typical activities such as collective bargaining or employee grievances issues.  Source


In collusion with congress [the new mafia], Big Labor along with Gettelfinger as point man and its franchisee – the UAW are attempting to force the national equivalent of COMPULSORY DUES, on the entire country, by insisting that relief given to the ‘Big 3’  not be done “on the backs of big labor – instead relieve for the Big 3 should be done on the back of the American Taxpayer.


Like that idea having the US taxpayer underwriting Big Labor’s promises? If so, then you will really be pleased with Big Labor’s scheme to leverage their resurging influence with the incoming administration by bring Employee Free Choice Act (Card-Check) to businesses near you.

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