Truth or Dare?

I have not been one to buy into the
whole “birther” movement that claims Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural
born American and thereby not eligible to serve as President of The United
States.  This isn’t because I
whole-heartedly believe that President Obama was born in Hawaii, but more
because I have not seen any definitive proof that he was not.  And in a court of law, that’s
enough for reasonable doubt.


In addition, there are facets to
this story that make me cringe every time I hear or read about Obama’s
ineligibility.   Primarily
because this is major distraction from the damage this man has done and continues to do to our nation.  The longer we
focus on this non-issue, the less time we spend talking about the real harm he
is doing.  This provides easy cover
for him as he goes about his nefarious activities in his quest to “fundamentally change The United States of America.”  The more the birthers try to convince
us of his ineligibility, the more they look like loons and the Obama-mania
media is happy to paint all conservatives with this broad brush.  I believe that is the reason why it
took more than two years to produce an official birth certificate.  The more this distracted us, the more the president and his minions could get away with.  And they got
away with plenty.


Also, if the birthers expect Obama
to be impeached, they are obviously on some kind of happy drug, because it will
not happen.  The Senate is where
the impeachment will be held and the Democrats control it.  Does anyone in their right mind expect
the Dems to vote against their idol? 
Of course, the answer is no. 
Not to mention the fact that if Obama were ever to be impeached, there
would be a race war in this nation. 
No one wants that.  Case
closed on impeachment.


Having said all that, I’ve come
upon a video that was made by a young man well-versed in Adobe Photoshop.  I will not expound on the details of
the video.  Suffice it to say, that
it is a little more than interesting.


For those of you who know me, you
can attest to the fact that when it comes to computers, I am living in the
Stone Age.  I freely admit that I
do not easily comprehend things like Photoshop so I questioned what was being
shown.  Fortunately, I know people
far smarter than I.  So I called them.  It seems that everything put forth in
this video is indeed possible and may very well be accurate.  


In the
end, you’ll just have to judge for yourself.

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