Audacity of Blame!

The recklessness of the characterization of Tea Party members as terrorists is beyond any belief!

This is particularly galling when asserted by people who associate with or willingly embrace – actual  enemies of our beloved republic!

What could you be Thinking!

We must now be living in a parallel universe – which must certainly be a sign of the end times –  where what was once considered good is now decried as bad and what was once bad is now praised as good.

Good grief, we have ‘fellow travelers’  and ‘comrades in political arms’  with those who are self confessed terrorists, people who have and still advocate for the end of our republic, committed communists who have bombed the US Capitol Building, bombed the Pentagon and are quoted as saying “… bring the revolution home, kill your parents” all calling perhaps – your mom, your dad, your grandma or your neighbor  a terrorist? – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

The jackassery of the characterization of Tea Party members as terrorists – by real terrorists (and those that associate with them)  – is beyond any measure of reality. I mean, when was the last time you heard of a Tea Party member trying to blow up the Pentagon or the US Capitol Building?  Yea, me neither!

Moreover, the deceitful and fraudulent personification of those who want a balanced budget  as terrorist is despicable and morally reprehensible – and should spark outrage against those who sling such screed! Regrettably, the battle over the political language is ongoing  and how do freedom loving Americans converse or even dialog with people who what to “bring the revolution home” or who are one record as saying; “Kill the rich!”

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