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…on (Presidential) Election Day in the United States, we do not hold a national election – each state conducts it’s own election for a slate of representatives (electors). So we have instead 50 (more when you count Puerto Rico and other US protectorates) distinct and separate elections conducted by each state governed by state law in each instance. In Florida, each county (Under the purview of the County Supervisor of Elections) conducts it’s own separate election and reports the results to the State who in turn reports the results to the Congress via it’s slate of electors. It could be argued that we do not have a national election at all; but thousands of separate elections conducted in every county, parish, and province across this great nation.

Why is that in the months following the Florida elections (November 2000) we have County Election Supervisors from 3 Democratically controlled counties near Tallahassee complain that Governor Jeb Bush vetoed a $100,000 request for a ‘voter education campaign’? Could it be that any campaigned education offered up this past election season by the Democratic Party would likely be as unbiased as the MTV ‘Rock the Vote’ campaign and more likely be an education in how to vote for the Democratic Party candidates?

Witch-hunts, kangaroo courts and outcries against confusing ballots are nothing more than a lure for the weak-minded. These ploys are a decoy to detour us from the real aim – of genuine voter fraud.

Voter Fraud does not begin when a politician decides to bribe his constituency with promises, goodies or ‘pork’. Voter Fraud does not continue because special interest groups urge, beg, demand or force the ‘party line’. Voter Fraud begins where most things begin – at home with the voter himself!

Voters who chose to vote for their own enrichment at the expense of their country (or at their neighbors expense) complete the cycle proffered by the iniquitous politician or special interest group boss. The power to end this corruption and fraud lies within the grasp of every voter, with their precious right to vote. For without a market to satisfy, pandering looters could offer no service that the honest and decent would take for themselves.

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    Well the voters have had their say.   And now “the markets” – the Stock Market – or at least those that invest in them have spoken as well.  These investors are the men and women who actually have “a…

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