Any Different?

obama-handsSo, I keep asking myself: “What if, what if the worse things being said about President Barack Obama were true? How would Barack Obama act any differently than he is acting now?

For the sake of the argument, I am defining the worse things as: closet Muslim, he is a communist infiltrator, A Manchurian Candidate set in place to aid the enemies of these United States or deceitfully fulfill a purpose to fundamentally transform this country into something else other than what it was founded to be. (I suppose my list of worse things – divulges much about my world view: As in Dante’s Inferno, where the worst offenders were consigned to last to circles of hell reserved only for the worst of sins: Fraud and Treachery! )

As my friends are often tired of hearing, I am constantly reminding people – just how different the United States is from all the countries in the History of the World. Where, for the briefest of time – people were allowed to govern themselves – Where individual rights were natural (meaning granted by the Creator) and not doled out by a government, Supreme Leader, Ruler, Caesar, Kaiser, Tsar, Potentate, Khan, Pharaoh, Emperor or King!

So, let me ask the question, in a different way. What if the worse things being said about President Barack Obama were untrue – how would he act differently? Would the President faithfully execute the duties of his office, and would he, to the best of his Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States?

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