Accident OR Design?

So,  the real question is:

 Does the “smartest” leader Reader in American History have trickle up poverty, chaos tumult and near anarchy by Accident or by Design?

obama_bydesign.jpgAs the  Cloward and Pevin strategy to Crash the System is implemented by willing dupes and useful idiots and wondering  why there is no Resentment toward those now bring us the Occupy Wall Street #ows #occupywallstreet …

So it turns out this this foray into social unrest and banking jihad  is brought to you by a cast of characters we have seen before… Including the Founder of Acorn Wade Rathe & President of SEIU New Orleans… and participation and/or support now includes notables(?)  Michael Moore, Cornell West, Frances Fox Piven, Charles Rangel, Richard Trumpka, George Soros and Van Jones, Susan Sarandon  and Russel Simmons.  (Source: Discover the Networks)

Gee all we need now is  for Alec Baldwin to threaten to quit acting (again) and join the intrigue 😉

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