Who is that guy (Rick Richbourg)

To steal a phrase from Mark Twain – “never let my schoolin’ interfere with my education!”

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me & Herman Cain 2012

I love this country and belive that these United States of America is and has been a ‘force for good’ all across the globe.

I am Christian; an unrepentant laissez-faire capitalist; partisan-of-
, lover of Freedom, some say: conservative; no fan of
collectivism, communal-ism, socialism or communism;  jazz (funk and rock
& fusion too) guitar playin’ professional musician ( last album available on iTunes ), graduate of Berklee College of Music;
second amendment supportin’, NRA member; book readin’; cave divin’, former Scuba Instructor:  music lovin’,
cigar smokin’ beef eatin’ – meatetarian lover of life!!!  And, my brothers in my old band  Groove Therapy called me ‘Chocolate‘!

I was tweeting on #tcot when only a couple of hundred people were doing so!I was among the original planning members of the Orange County / Orlando Tea Party – February 2009 and have participated in subsequent area Tea Parties.BTW – I was (before relocating to Lower Florida Keys) the Berklee College of Music Alumni coordinator for Central Florida – hit me up if you are a Berklee alumni (even for just one semester) and live in the area.

2012 & 2013 I was honored to be selected the Principal Guitarist for the World Renowned Mantovani Orchestra, on their Tour of China. (performing in the Premier Concert Halls in these cities: Changzhoa Grand Opera House, Shanghai – Oriental Art Center,Tiayuan Coal Transaction Center, Shenzhen Concert Hall, Foshan Theatre, Suzhou Culture and Arts Center, Chongqing Congress Hall, Nanjing – Nanjing Art Center, Hangzhou – Hangzhou GrandTheater, Shanghai – Grand Theater, Beijing National Center for the Performing Arts, Xiamen – Min Nan Grand Theater)


And, Rick rockin’ with his new band ( in the Florida keys.


I would love to connect with you via:

Facebook: deplatformed from FB in the conservative purge Nov, 2020

LASTLY – catch up on my blog – Harangue, online since 1999 – just hit the home button up above or visit

(Yes, I am the same Rick Richbourg who is president of Adelphi Agency – a web applications consultancy – providing internet solutions since 1995! [yes 1995 – when the internet super highway was a rutted dirt road and all web sites were mud huts]. And, now we also do ‘organic’ S.E.O. and Social Media  consulting.)

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