A Little Sleight of Hand

Now that Barack Hussein Obama has finally come clean and put to rest
what most of the people in America already knew; that he actually was
born in the United States, I now hear talking heads wondering loudly
“Why did he wait so long?”

Are they that stupid that they can’t
see right through Jon Stewart’s President “Dude”?  Our Immaculated
Monarch is as transparent as Saran Wrap and all the so-called people
“in-the-know” have their blinders on.

Obama spent upwards of $2
million over the past 2 1/2 years trying to conceal the fact that he was
really, really born here and really, really was the president,
while the birthers spent all that time pre-occupied with a non-issue.  I
have to say this was a brilliant strategy on the part of BHO.  I never
want to hear anyone call this community organizer stupid again.  What’s a cool
$2 mil anyway?  Especially when it’s not your money!

His strategy enabled
him to pass an unconstitutional health mandate, against the wishes of
the vast majority of Americans and a trillion-dollar stimulus bill that
was supposed to create jobs but mainly bailed out unions (who donated
heavily to his campaign.)  He filled the White House with advisers, that
even in the Carter Administration would have been ostracized for their
Marxist leanings, and managed to take control of the financial sector and
General Motors.  All the while keeping our attention focused on his
double-secret probational birth certificate.  With glazed-over eyes, our
attention was riveted on his left hand while behind his back
his right hand was galvanizing his troops to bring down the American
Empire.  Because, after all, America is no more exceptional than
Germany, or England, or Uganda.

So why show it now?  He could
have kept us in the dark forever.  No one was going to force him to show
Hawaiian law forbids it from being released.  The Supreme Court of The
United States has been avoiding this issue for months.  All
the lawsuits seeking the release of this Holy Grail had been thrown out
of numerous courts. 

So what
pressure was put upon him to show it at this particular time?

If you’ll take your glazed eyes off the left hand, you’ll find out.

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