Whereas, United States Senators have shown that they no longer owe their allegiance to the people of their respective states, and Whereas, the United States Senate has allowed itself to be corrupted by lobbyists and special interest groups, and Whereas, United States Senators have proven, by voting against the interests … Continue reading

Party On Dude!

In a recent report by CBS News (they DO report news once in awhile), it has come to light that the Justice Department, you know the guys who thought members of the New Black Panther Party were just performing “community outreach” at the polls in Philadelphia in 2008 when they … Continue reading

The Common Bond

A stake is being driven into the heart of America.  It’s called diversity.  Our children have been sold a lie in their schools, in movies, in music and on television.  Our media goes to great lengths to make us feel bad for feeling good about our country.  We are the … Continue reading